Peer-reviewed Articles

Window Dressing or Window of Opportunity? Assessing the Advancement of Gender Equality in Autocracies,” with Elin Bjarnegård. Forthcoming, Politics & Gender.

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Authoritarian Institutions and Women’s Rights,” with Anne-Kathrin Kreft. 2019. Comparative Political Studies 52(5). See the related Monkey Cage article. *Recipient of the James Caporaso Best Paper Award for article appearing in 2019. *

Can Human Rights Conditionality Reduce Repression? Examining the European Union’s Economic Agreements,” with Michael Neureiter. 2018. Review of International Organizations 13(3).

Screening out Risk: IGOs, Member State Selection and Interstate Conflict,” with Shawna Metzger and Bruce Russett. 2015. International Studies Quarterly 59(2).

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Working Papers (selected)

Rewarding Women’s Rights in Dictatorships,” with Sarah Bush and Pär Zetterberg.

“International Legal Commitments and U.S. Sanctions for Human Rights,” with Ashrakat Elshehawy and Nikolay Marinov.

“Mixed Signals: Emerging Democracies, Election Monitors, and Sovereign Creditworthiness,” with Julia Gray.

“Competing Verdicts: Multiple Election Monitors and Post-Election Contention,” with Kelly Morrison and Burcu Savun.

“Election Monitoring Under Pressure: The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the ‘New Cold War’. “


Working Projects (selected)

Interacting for Peace: The Effect of Inter-personal Contact on Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

This project, based on original surveys and focus groups organized in May – July 2015, studies the mechanisms through which inter-group contact influences attitudes about the ‘other’. With Omer Zarpli (University of Pittsburgh) and Charis Psaltis (University of Cyprus).

Survey of professionals in democracy promotion, aid, and governance:

This project aims to gauge attitudes about democracy, authoritarianism and human rights in the present global context. Professionals from government and nongovernmental organizations from a number of countries will be recruited to participate. Unlike the more common citizen samples employed in many surveys, this project targets individuals directly responsible for decision making in foreign aid, performance evaluation and foreign policy.